Lizzie Scrunchie Gift Set

Pure Mulberry Silk

"best detangler brush I have ever bought" Mary Savage
kind & gentle on your scalp
Part of your daily routine

Lite-wrap hair towel

Lite-wrap Hair Towel

part of your daily routine

Lizzie Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep mask

kind to both skin & hair

Perefect Gift
Lite-wrap Hair towek
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Who do you know needs a good nights sleep!
Pure mulberry silk sleep mask
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Lite- wrap Hair Towel Grey
The perfect Gift Idea
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perfect for all hair types
Flexi Detangler Hair Brush
part of your daily routine
Lite-wrap Hair Towel
Available in Pink and Grey
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Gift Set
Flexi detangler hair brush & lite-wrap hair towel, perfect for all hair types!
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Our haircare range suits all hair types
Hair towels brushes pure silk scrunchies Lizzie clips & ties pure mulberry silk sleep masks
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I got a present of the Flexi Detangler hair brush last Christmas and I love it, I bought another brush for my daughter she has thick hair and its just perfect it doesnt hurt getting the tangles out !


The lite-wrap hair towel is great I use it all the time and travel for work it fits in my bag perfectly, its very handy to wrap my hair in after my shower and apply my makeup , my hair dries much quicker when I use the towel.

Have this set delivered including postage for €37!
The flexi detangler hair brush & 100% pure mulberry silk scrunchie set. Send a thoughful gift to a loved one or friend today.
Perfect Gift for a special birthday
pure silk sleep mask hair brush pure silk scrunchie set & pink hair towel
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