When to colour your hair after cancer treatment

This is a question I am often asked by clients, you should not colour your hair until after all your treatment is finished. If you lost your hair and its starting to grow back wait for as long as possible so that your hair has time to grow at least an inch in length all over. Depending on how quickly your hair grows around three months after treatment is finished is advisable.

Everone one has a different experience when thier hair grows back, some have lopts of curls when they always had straingt hair, the curls tend to grow out as your hair growns down and gets thicker.

Many clients hair grows back with a much higher percentage of grey roots than they ever remember but you have to consider that this is the first time you are seeing your hair with no colour when for many years you have been used to only seeing the roots coming through before a visit to your salon. 

Some clients have come to me after using the cold cap during treatiment, in some cases it has been very sucessful and in others not so much, a tip from a client if you are considering using the cold cap is to make sure your hair is very wet before the nurse puts the cap on make sure it fits tightly around the head as any air gaps will result in the cap being less effective. 

The hair can be fragile after the treatment is finished dont worry if you find that some of your hair is falling out when you are finished using the cold cap as this can happen  afer a couple of months your hair gets stronger and begins to thicken and grow faster. 

Always get a patch test before colouring your hair again, you can become sensitive to products that would normally be fine to use, the drugs used in your treatment plan take time to leave your body so even though you are finished treatment it is still very important to patch test.

Your hair can be very resistant to colour expect for your first or second salon visit to get a good coverage of colour but it might not be 100% coverage this will happen in time when your hair is restored to its natural state.

Some clients decide to not colour thier hair and just get it cut and use a good shampoo, if your hair grows back white or grey then silver shampoo is great.

 Colouring your hair again after treatment for cancer  is a very personal choice and I would advise clients to do what ever they feel is the best option for them. The best advise I can give is to have patience give your hair time to grow, I know this can be very difficult and upseting for some women but the best outcome will happen when your hair is stronger and your scalp in less sensitive.

I hope this information is helpful and if I can answer and other questions you might have please get in touch.