When is the right time to put away your wig?

When clients come for their first colour appointment after treatment for cancer, they often say to me:

‘I know I am having my colour done but I still want to wear my wig.’

‘I’ll still wear my wig as only close family know I wasn't well.’

‘My hair is too short and everyone knows me with long hair. I feel everyone will know I had cancer if I stop wearing my wig.’

These are some of the reasons I hear from clients who want to continue wearing their wigs.

Wigs, hair pieces, scarves and hats are all really helpful while going through treatment. Many clients tell me they would have been lost without their wig, it was like a security blanket for them.

As your hair begins to grow back you will find that your wig may not fit as well as before. As your natural hair colour begins to grow back, it can often be grey and may not be the same colour as your wig. You may begin to see hair growing out along your hairline and at the nape of your neck. Use a root touch up at this point to match in with your wig colour as you might not be at a stage where your hair is ready for colour again.

There are many great products on the market for sensitive scalps and fine, weak hair. These might be some of the issues you face for a period of time when your hair starts to grow back.

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to just give it time. I know it can be frustrating especially as it will take longer than you may think for your hair to grow back. It also takes time for your hair to feel like your old hair again. This is where patience comes in. Vitamin D is great for hair growth. Your scalp has been covered up over the last few months so letting sunlight onto your scalp will help your hair to grow. Consider taking small steps at first. If you feel anxious about taking your wig off, perhaps do some gardening, or don’t wear your wig around the house. Maybe even pop to the local shop, or you could meet a close friend for coffee. Trying these steps first may be easier than going to a party or big event without your wig. Taking small steps really does make a difference and eventually there will be a time when you no longer think about your wig.