Expert Insights for Maintaining Luscious Natural Curls

Let’s face it, curls are fabulous. Often they are said to be hard to maintain, but the payoff is luscious juicy curls that feel amazing and are the envy of all. Plus it’s really not time consuming if you know a few key insider tips. We’ve decided to condense our years of hair-care experience into some expert insights that will boost your curl confidence and deliver great results. Follow them closely and your curly hair will bounce with beauty.

Don’t just wish for it, wash it.Super hair care starts in the morning - just like you. Shampoo your hair twice in the shower - it removes the weight of all the residue build-up from any styling products you’ve been using. Ensure you rinse out the shampoo thoroughly each time. Pick an organic product designed for damaged hair - curly hair requires gentle ingredients and harsh chemicals will only dry out your hair.

Condition like a Pro.Apply a coin-sized amount of conditioner from your ears to your ends, stroke in gently to the hair then use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb to brush it thoroughly through your hair, which distributes it evenly and makes detangling easier when drying. Start brushing at the ends and work up to the root - the reverse could cause lots of breakage. Finally, toss your hair forward and let the water course through your hair from the nape to the ends. This will really help your curls tighten up while keeping them soft and luscious.
Prepare your hair 
If you can, use a hair turban like those at which are far more absorbant than a standard towel, otherwise use the most absorbent towel you have. While the turban does all the hard work preparing your hair perfectly for any product you may want to apply, you now have extra time for your skin care routine! Once your hair is only slightly damp, you can apply product – no combing or brushing at this stage, only ever comb curly hair while the conditioner is in before you rinse, this is the secret to big bouncy curls! If there are stubborn tangles, use your fingers - don’t risk damaging your hair.

Au naturel will serve you well
Air drying your hair naturally is by far the best way to encourage tight sprightly curls. However, this is not ideal on cold winter mornings or if you are in a rush - in this instance your best option is to attach your diffuser to the hairdryer and gently dry your hair on a low heat with your hair tossed forward over your head. A quick blast of cold air at the end reduces frizz and sets the curl. Try to leave it mildly damp and allow the air to finish it naturally. Your curls will thank you for it!

​Be picky with your products
The market is flooded with products promising perfectly poised curls. So many of the products are chemical filled rubbish - only trust reputable brands and expert advice for niche brands. Here at we love Davines curl serum - an effective product for adding definition, shine and sleekness. A little goes a long way so it’s certainly value for money.  Shine spray is preferable to hairspray - it leaves it sleek but not sticky or crunchy. Buy organic shampoo and conditioner at the least; the ingredients will nourish as well as treat your hair externally, offering double the benefit. Picking a select few products wisely is better than spending a lot on various ineffective but cheap products. We wear our hair all day everyday - yet often people invest more in handbags than their hair - so investing sufficiently in it will always pay great dividends.